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Vibrating Cleaning Sieve for Rice Processing


Vibrating Cleaning Sieve is used for vibrate remove the dust in the rice, It is widely used in grain processing factory, grain storage facilities. Different size sieve can be used for rice cleaning, wheat cleaning, corn cleaning. Double sieve design make it has good effect for grain with lot of impurities. Vibrating Cleaning Sieve can also be used for chemical partical and food partical separating.

Feature of Vibrate Cleaning Sieve


  1. compact structure, well sealed,
  2. low noise, low power consumption,
  3. stable movement, well cleaning effect, higher production efficiency.
  4. Vibrating Cleaning Sieve is driven by vibrating motor, the vibrating force, vibrating direction and inclination of sieve cover can be adjusted according to the requirement.


Specification of Vibrating Cleaning Sieve

Model Capacity(t/h) Power(kw) Size(L*W*H) Weigh(kg)
TQLZ100*200 6-10 0.37*2 2800*1520*1760 750
TQLZ120*200 8-15 0.37*2 2800*1720*1760 800
TQLZ150*200 15-20 0.55*2 2800*2160*1760 900
TQLZ180*200 20-30 0.55*2 2800*2460*1760 980
TQLZ200*200 30-40 1.1*2 2800*2732*1544 1200

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