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Single Roll Rice Polishing Machine


Rice Polishing Machine is used for refine rice processing, through rice polishing machine , Rice bran powder is removed from the rice, so the rice antioxidant is impoved. We can get clean and bright rice through rice polishing machine

With the apparatus for automatic control of water supply and constant temperature, the surface of polished rice become lucent due to multiple water sprayers amping,which greatly increase the commercial value of rice。Up-to-date design,attractive appearance, dependable in performance,easy to operate。Mirrorsmooth polishing cylinder and wearable sieve made of stainless steel improve greatly the polishing effect。

Novel design, good appearance, steady mechanical performance, compact structure, easy to mount and dismount with strong negative pressure rice milling, less broken rice increment, high rice grade, strong bran discharge. With current and negative pressure display, easy to operate, and negative pressure is adjustable. Equipped with various speed of motor pulley so as to benefit for processing different varieties of rice.


Specification of Single Roll Rice Polishing Machine


Model Capacity(t/h) Power(kw) Size(L×W×H) Weight(kg)
MPGT16 1.5-2.5 30-37 1800×800×1950 850
MPGT18 2.5-3.5 37-45 1800×800×1950 960
MPGT21 3.5-4.5 45-55 1950×900×1950 1050



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