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Rice Husker Machine


Rice Husker Machine( aslo called rice husk remove machine) is used to remove rice husk. Romiter rice husker machine adopt rubber roller and double supporting structure, rubble roll is not apt to form different in roll end diameters, with steady performance.

Feature of Rice Husker Machine


  1. Shift gears through gear box, keeping reasonable differential and sum of roll peripheral
  2. Speeds between fast roll and slow roll; husking output come to 85%-90%;
  3. Need not replace rubble rolls in operation, but simply exchange between rolls.
  4. Use long shedding, with uniform feed, steady performance; equipped with automatic feed following mechanism, easy operation.
  5. Use vertical air channel for paddy separation, with better effect of separation, less grain content in rice hull, less rice contained in mixture of husked rice and paddy.

Specification of Rice Husker Machine


Model  MLGT25  MLGT36  MLGT51
Capacity(t/h)  2-3  4-5 5-7
Power(kw)  5.5  7.5  11


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