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Lab Wheat Flour Test Mill


RM20 type Experimental Wheat Flour Mill is a automatic flour grinding machine. All kinds of grinding work is completed by specific toothed roller.

This Lab flour mill analog actual process of the product of different wheat processing. Apply to flour mills and grain storage and food inspection department of the analysis of wheat quality. To carry out detection and identification of wheat; guidance wheat breeding, acquisitions and trade; the production of flour guide; other grain broken.
Item Parameter Item Parameter
Capacity 10kg/h Sifter speed 298r/min
Roller type Ø155 x 200mm Sifter turning dia. Ø 23mm
Roller speed 500 r/min Volume 669m3/h
Pin roll ratio 2.5 : 1 Wind pressure 2710Pa
Smooth roll ratio 1.5 : 1 Dimension 1330 x 1100 x 1870mm
Power 1.5+1.5+0.55kW Weight 650kg

Application of Experimental Wheat Flour Mill





Lab Wheat Flour Test Mill

Experimental Wheat Flour Mill is used for analysing and learning the grinding component of wheat by grinding wheat samples. not only to analysis the collocation of wheat hybrid assay in flour mill plant, Experimental Wheat

Flour Mill is widely used become the finalized equipment in a lot of research institutions and laboratories.

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