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Cylinder Type Pre Cleaing Sieve for Rice Processing


Cylinder Type Pre Cleaing Sieve is used to pre cleaing rice for the following rice power milling or rice flour milling process, It mainly used to remove big impurities, such as straw,scraps of paper, hemp rope, stone. So we can get clean raw rice material. In the following processing, clean raw rice will not damage the other machine.

Feature of Cylinder Pre-Cleaning Machine


  • large capacity, low power,
  • compact structure, small required area, easy to replace the screen
  • High efficient cleaning effect

Specification of Cylinder Pre-Cleaning Machine


Model Capacity(t/h) Power(kw) Size(L×W×H) Weight(kg)
SCQY63 8-10 0.75 1490 ×790×1270 350
SCQY80 10-15 1.1 1650×1000×1500 460
SCQY100 15-20 1.5 1700×1250×2100 580
SCQY125 20-30 2.2 2740×1600×2490 900

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