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20TPD Corn Grits & Corn Flour Milling Plant


The main equipment to produce corn grits including cleaning machine (to remove impurities, stone, and magnetic separation), tempering machine, Sheller, germ extract machine, crushing machine, grading machine and polishing machine.

Total power is about 42kW; space size required 12*5*4.5m, if you have ready space size, we can design installation according to ready space.

Space Occupation: L×W×H:10×5×3m

Corn& Maize features:

20-25% is corn skin and germ; other 75%-80% are corn powder and corn grits

When processing by the equipment, 10-20% corn grits can be removed, separate 4-8% corn germ, and 15-25% corn flour ,and 45-55 % gold powder or corn grits.

Generally, small handling capacity 50TPD, corn skin and germ mixed together, if need to extract corn germ, need to add germ extractor.

You can come to visit the corn grits, corn powder equipment, and additional equipment for corn porridge flakes, snack corn powder, corn oil, corn noodles.

Equipment List for Corn Grits & Corn Flour Milling Plant


Name Specification Qty Photo
Whole plantOverall review Output:20TPDsteel frame structure


Produce corn powder and corn grits




Cleaning Machine To remove the impurities, stone, etc. To make the raw material meet the food grade standard requirement.0.25KW*2 1  corn-cleaning-machine
Elevator Mechanical lifting particle materials to the next processing program0.75KW*4



2  Corn-Elevator
Magnetic Selector to remove the iron by magnetic force  1  Corn-Magnetic-Iron-Selector
Corn huller  Remove corn shell and blastema11KW    Corn huller
Degerminator Machine Remove corn germ15Kw    Degerminator Machine
Rough screen 0.25Kw    rough screen
Corn polishing machine 11kw 1  Corn-skin-remover
germ extraction machine To remove the germ from corn 1  Corn-Germ-Separating-Machine
Single Chamber Screen Separate Corn0.75KW 1  Corn Grading Machine
Low pressure fan Remove dust and separate light and heave materials7.5KW


1   Low pressure fan
High pressure fan Offer air to convey materials7.5KW


1  High pressure fan
Grinder Grinding materials to get product7.5KW


3  Corn-Grinder
Brushing machine remove the powder from corn grits, to make the corn grits more bright and good color1.5KW


3  Corn-Grits-brushing -Machine
Corn grits machine to make the final required product7.5KW


1  Corn grits machine
Brushing machine Remove corn grits surface flour1.5KW



AIR LOCK close air to unload during conveying materials0.75KW 6  Corn-Unload-Air-Lock
Air Transport Pipe   1 Pipe, steel support, conveyors, fan net etc.


Final Corn Grits & Corn Flour Products

Corn Grits Corn Flour Products

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